Mirepoix, Trinity and the Battuto – What are they and how do you use them?

Now that we have learned some basics, let’s move to another topic which is mirepoix, or the Cajun version “the Trinity”. Or as the Italians refer to it, the battuto which eventually becomes a soffritto once it is cooked.

This combination of basic ingredients is the base for almost all French, Italian and Creole and Cajun dishes.


Green Pepper

Battuto or Soffritto (The combination depends on which dish you are making)
Olive oil or butter
Flat Leaf Parsley

If you learn to make these well, you are on track to really improving your cooking and you have the base for almost all dishes. Here are a few tips to prepare them properly.

Try and chop the ingredients into equal size pieces. Think the size of a small pea as the maximum size. No one wants to bite into a big chunk of vegetable in the mirepoix, it’s all about the blending of the flavors. Remember to choose your fat/oil based upon the final taste you want. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) is not always the best choice as it can impart an herbaceous and green note.

Butter can sometimes be heavy. When in doubt, you will never go wrong with vegetable oil. Cold pressed only! Or to keep it vegan, go for a non dairy spread such as Earth Balance.

Sauté them slowly to allow them to “sweat” in the pan. You don’t want to brown or burn them.

Remember, cooking is all about layering the flavors and allowing them to come into their own. Bon appetite!

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