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Home Style Tofu

This is a simple home cooked dish which is popular in Sichuan. It’s relatively east to make and healthy. I have made a vegetarian version, but you can easily add pork if you desire a more robust dish. The key to making this easy to prepare, is to have all of your ingredients prepared and […]

My goal has always been to make traditional comfort food accessible.

When I began this blog over 15 years ago, I never thought it would be such an all consuming and ongoing project. However, it has become a haven and a place to share my love of cooking. I guess it’s safe to say I have the cooking gene, if there is such a thing. Cooking […]

Khoresh Bademjam – Chicken and Eggplant Stew

A khoresh is a Persian stew. There are many variations and all sorts of flavors, but this is a personal favorite. In Farsi, khoresh means stew and bademjam means eggplant. This particular khoresh is often made with beef or lamb, but I enjoy the chicken and find it lighter. All of these ingredients are available […]

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