My goal has always been to make traditional comfort food accessible.

When I began this blog over 15 years ago, I never thought it would be such an all consuming and ongoing project. However, it has become a haven and a place to share my love of cooking.

I guess it’s safe to say I have the cooking gene, if there is such a thing. Cooking comes naturally to me. I think about recipes and ingredients and I can see how they will come together and imagine how they will taste.

I started writing initially because friends asked for my recipes and I realized having them written down would be vastly easier. It sort of took off from there.

To sum up my blog in a few words, it’s designed for cooks at most any level to be able to follow the recipe and produce some wonderful food. I always strive to be authentic to the cuisines I cook, and if I deviate, then I explain why. I also include substitutes for hard to find ingredients, but call out the essential ones.

I’ve included many vegetarian and vegan recipes as well, as I realize this is important to many people and I want to show that non meat recipes can be very good.

We learn so much about ourselves and others by cooking different cuisines and I feel it makes us realize how similar we are rather than different. Cooking is family, cooking is comfort and most of all, for me, it’s affirming.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and please comment and reach out. I really enjoy hearing from readers.

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