Vanilla Extract-How to make your own-Update- Day 12

Okay, we are now on 12 days since we began making the vanilla extract. The extract is changing color rapidly. I\’d say it\’s the color of light maple syrup at this point, and it has a very strong vanilla aroma, with clear under tones of the different beans. The Tonga beans are clearly more fig and earthy, while the Tahitian beans definitely have a floral and fruity aroma. I\’ll keep you updated.

For those of you who haven\’t had a chance to read the Best of 2010 post yet, here is an excerpt.

Vanilla Bean Sugar– This is one of those simple things you can do to vastly improve you baking. Take a bag of pure cane sugar and fill a glass container half way. Add two whole vanilla beans and then fill with the other half of the sugar. In two days, you will have the most wonderfully flavored vanilla sugar and when you need a bean, you can just reach into your sugar and use one. You can find a vast selection of high quality vanilla beans at

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